Coupled range/viewfinder camera with interchangeable lens.

Frame Size

56x82.6mm (6x9 format) or 56x69mm (6x7 format) [effective image size on both of my cameras (G690BL and GL690) is 56x85mm].


Choice of 120 (8 exposures for 6x9, 10 exposures for 6x7) or 220 (16 exposures for 6x9, 20 exposures for 6x7) roll film by reversible pressure plate. GL690 accepts "half-rolls" of 120 film (4 exposures for 6x9, 5 for 6x7). G690 and G690BL also accept 6.5x9 sheet film for one-shot 6.2x8.8cm exposures (bring your changing bag!).

Film advance

Two-stroke lever on camera top advances film, cocks shutter, and locks itself to prevent double exposure. Automatic frame spacing. Multiple exposures are possible, but the procedure is awkward: one has to press release for first exposure, close lightshield curtain, remove lens, manually cock lens, mount lens, place Roll/Sheet selector on "S", open lightshield curtain, press release, repeat if needed and put back the selector on "R" when finished.

Exposure Counter

Automatic reset, additive type.


Interchangeable, bayonet (breech-lock type) mount lens with built-in leaf shutter.


B, 1 - 1/500 sec. built-in M and X contacts for all-speed flash synchronization (X synch. only on Fujinon EBC AE f/3.5 100mm).


Projected bright frame, automatic field and parallax correction. Magnification 0.75x, rangefinder base length 67mm (effective base length 50.3mm). Built-in bright frames for 100mm normal and 150mm telephoto lenses. Field of view reduction 96% at 1 meter, 84% at infinity for G690 and G690BL; 95% at 1 meter and 92% at infinity for GL690..


Split image coupled rangefinder/viewfinder.


Direct advance helicoid lens coupled with rangefinder.


Height: 166mm, width: 183mm, front to back (with normal lens): 145mm (body thickness = 38mm).


Body only: 1,260g (G690/G690 BL) / 1,148g (GL690).



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