WTB: Excellent working bodies, 65mm finder, and 50mm lens

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WTB: Excellent working bodies, 65mm finder, and 50mm lens

Postby Jonathan Taylor » Tue Feb 27, 2007 3:31 pm

Well, despite two total dud, beater cameras from KEH (that will be returned this week), I'm still hooked on building a G690 system.

I won these two auctions: 320080490850 and 140088125577. I received the first one, and the camera and 65mm lens are in very good shape. The lens changing curtain shows only the slightest hesitation at times and the 65mm lens seems to be in excellent shape (the glass is clear and unmarked).

The 65mm finder however has fungus and separation , so I would like to find another Fujica one eventually. (I just barely lost the recent auction for the separate 65mm finder.) I do have some 28mm finders that will work well for the time being.

Of course like everyone else, I'd love a 50mm lens-- but I know finding one will be a long process.

Eventually I'd also like to get the 180mm and 150mm lenses, but they are definitely lower priority.
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Postby Abbazz » Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:10 am

Hi Jonathan,

Congratulations for your new acquisitions. What was the problem with the cameras you got from Keh?

A small format 28mm finder will certainly do the job, but the continuously adjustable parallax compensation of the Fuji viewfinders is much convenient.

Good luck for locating other lenses.

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Postby Jonathan Taylor » Thu Mar 01, 2007 2:41 pm

I should make it clear, I'm not slamming KEH. I think they are a great company. I have done and will continue to do ALOT of business with them. I just had a some bad luck this time...

KEH desc: G690 BL Bargain
Received: lens changing curtain inoperable 50% of the time, rangefinder frozen, curtain warning light always on, lens curtain/len changing interlock broken,

KEH desc: AS IS G690 Bargain, Foam bad
Received: G690BL (not G690!), lens changing curtain inoperable and bent, R(Roll)/S(Sheet) switch broken.

The big reason I love KEH of course is that I can send it back and get a refund without any hassle. I'm always amazed when I see items go for more on eBay than they cost at KEH. Some people just aren't very smart shoppers.

It did really give me pause though... are these cameras so rare that I'm only going to find the bad pennies that have been beaten to a pulp? The lens changing curtain seems like a big problem with these cameras. I wish there was a good Fuji specialist we could rely on....

I guess with time and patience I'll finally end up with a good kit. I do kind of wonder if I missed the best time for getting in on this system; 2005 and 2006 were great years for picking up medium format bargains. It seems like more fine art and hobbist photographers have figured it out, and medium format gear (particularly the rare stuff) has gotten more competitively priced.
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